Why you Should Opt for Premium Wood Gutter Installation Services

Want to give your house a historical look? Or planning to replace your home’s old wood gutters? A professional wooden gutter repair company can help you with it and provide a beautiful look and rainwater solution to your home. 

Our company’s professionals can help you with several gutters that would fit your home and provide an excellent installation.

Contact us now for a free estimate if you need gutters and downspouts and think that wood gutters are the best option for you. We offer free estimates in all Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, various other regions of New England.

History of Wood Gutters

Several years ago, wood gutters were one of the most prominent gutter materials. They can be found majorly in Antique Colonial style and Victorian homes and played an important role in the classic features offered by these homes.

As production rates inflated and the cost to produce other materials became affordable, wood gutters gradually faded out. Although, they are still sought out by most of these historical homes for their maintenance, and many homeowners seek the aesthetics wood gutters bring to homes.

How to Maintain Wood Gutters

Wood gutters maintenance is important to avoid replacing your gutters frequently. Below are some tips to follow to enjoy your wood gutter for several years.


Wood gutters that are not sealed or painted easily crack and rot. It is therefore a nice idea to paint the exterior of your wooden hitter with either high-quality paint or sealer. Due to the way it is utilized, it is necessary to get it repainted annually or thereabout.

Oil the gutters

You need to keep the interior of your gutters protected the same way you keep the outside. To keep them from drying out and becoming crack or rotten, you have to regularly oil the antique wooden gutters.

Several opinions abound on what type of oil is best for this. Some would suggest you use motor or mineral oil, while many, however, would suggest you avoid that and instead use linseed oil for this project. But the main thing is keeping the wood gutters properly oiled.

Clean gutters thoroughly

Keeping gutters clean is perhaps the largest part of the upkeep of gutters. Removing all the debris that may have amassed on the wooden gutters needs to be done by thoroughly cleaning it at least once a year. Here, residential gutter cleaning experts can help you in thorough cleaning of your rain gutter system.

Fit the gutter interior with a metal

Preserving the wood gutters for a very long time can be gotten by fitting the interior of the gutters with a metal liner. Though hard to fix into the wood, the metal liners can be quite affordable to buy.  If you choose to retrofit your gutter interiors with metal liners, it will drastically reduce the amount of oiling you need to apply. But you’ll need to seal or paint the outside of your wooden gutter liners frequently to keep them clean.

Immediately remove rotten pieces

Should you notice some of the woods getting rotten, you need to quickly remove those and get them replaced. If you find it hard to do yourself, search for wood gutter replacement near me, to get wood gutter contractors to help with the process.  It is not advisable to leave rotten wood hanging off the roof of your house as it may lead to pests that weaken wood which may lead to strain on your roof.

You do not want rotten wood hanging off the top of your house as it can attract any number of pests and it will weaken the wood around it causing an unnecessary strain on other parts of your roof and gutter.

Benefits of Wood Gutters

Although some wood gutters last under moisture and do not decay easily, it is undeniable that wood and water do not mix. For example, cedar is a type of wood that can withstand the brunt of the elements. You can also get your wood gutters treated to get the best out of it for a long time.

Your Gutter repair and installation company experts will assist you in all areas including deciding which gutters would best fit your home, based on your unique needs – including the materials. Worrying is out of your way when you choose Gutter Masters of New England!

Reach out to us to get the right gutters for your home today, whether you prefer wood gutters or seeking other materials. We work with several types of materials to ensure your home runs properly.

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