Important Things to Note When Purchasing Commercial Gutter Guards

A lot of homeowners use commercial gutter guards as a means or tool to ensure their gutter systems work adequately, also to reduce the need for regular maintenance. It should however be noted that there are different types of gutter guards and as such, they perform different functions. The article will explain important things to have in mind when buying gutter guards to make sure you buy the one which will fit your needs. But before that, let’s have a look at the different types of commercial gutters guards available.

Types of Gutter Guards

When you search for commercial gutters near me, you’ll always get several results of different professional gutter contractors. A good gutter company however understands that the different types of guards use different means to block debris and enable water to pass and flow through the gutter system. Each type has its usefulness, and also its downsides.

1.    Screens

Screen gutter guards possess wide holes or openings that fit perfectly on the top of your gutters. It can be installed by a professional contractor or you can decide to do the installation yourself.

2.    Micro-Mesh

Micro mesh gutter guards unlike screens have quite tiny files that are not visible. Commonly made of stainless steel, it allows for the passage of water while keeping debris out.

3.    Brush Gutter Guards

Similar to giant pipe cleaners, brush gutter guards which are made of bristles fit right inside your gutters. The guards cause leaves and debris to stay on top of them while also letting rainwater pass through your gutters. This is majorly due to the bristles on the guards which are in a vertical position.

4.    Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards are mainly foam pieces that can be fitter right inside your gutters. Using this guard doesn’t allow debris to build up in your gutters.

5.    Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Reverse curve gutter guards are created to move rainwater down. They also stop leaves and debris from collecting in your gutters by causing them to drop down to the ground.

Important things to note when purchasing gutter guards:

Now you know what’s involved in gutter guards and their types. Now here are a couple of important points to consider before making the final decision to gutter repair or new installation.

1.    What type of gutter guards do I need?

The first thing to have in mind is what type of gutter guard you need for your unique situation. Simply the one who’d serve your needs best. If possible try to Get in touch with professional gutter guard companies for the best suggestion and solution!

For example, some gutter guards are excellent at blocking out any debris but do a poor job at keeping out ice dams and may even enable them. Others may keep out debris like acorns and leaves but don’t work well as regards pine needles. Before buying any gutter guards based on price or claims alone, be certain that you’re in the clear that there are various types of gutter covers and how they may be of benefit to you.

2.    What type of tools and equipment do I need?

Whether you plan to install your gutter covers by yourself or you will hire the services of a commercial gutter company to help you with installation, you must note if you’d require any tools or pieces of equipment for proper installation. Gutter guards common nowadays simply snap into place which eliminates all the stress involved in the installation of gutters. Nonetheless, you may discover that you’d need to cut the pieces of the gutter covers to fit the measurement and lengths of your gutters, so remember to have this in mind as well.

3.    Are the gutter guards the perfect size?

Your gutters may vary from 5” to 7” in width depending on where you live. The wider a gutter is, the more runoff it can allow. Most common are gutters with 5” and 6” width while 7” are mostly found in areas with an unusual downpour of rain.

Some gutter guards will only fit 5” and 5” gutters, gutter guards like Micro mesh are extensive and will fit on top gutters of any size, and others might fit onto only one of these three sizes. Before ordering, ensure you measure your gutters to enable you to choose a product that will fit.

4.    Are the products warranted or guaranteed?

Gutter guards occasionally come with a warranty from the seller or the manufacturer of such a product which gives you protection should any defect occur. This is easy to know by simply asking the seller if the product comes with any warranties. However, you should also understand that if you get the gutter covers by yourself, the warranty only covers the product itself. If you use the services of a seamless gutter contractor, you’ll have to find out what kind of guarantee the contractor offers should any issue occur.

5.    Will gutter guards invalidate any other warranties in my home?

Depending on the installation process adopted, some roofing companies will void their warranties. Therefore you must ask your commercial gutter repair contractors important questions before installing your gutter guards.

It is quite evident now that before buying your gutter guards, you need to note several important factors. This will ensure you get the guards that properly fit your gutters and that you also avoid getting any gutter guards that will void any warranties in your home.

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