Gutter Guards: Do They Actually Work?

It is not only tiring and time-wasting doing the work of pulling out your ladder, putting on your gloves in order to clean out your gutters to clear out filthy, decomposing leaves and other debris.  This can even take up a whole day.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was something to take over this consuming and frequent chore from you?

The good news here is, there is. Commercial Gutter Guards are used to do an excellent job of keeping gutters and downspouts clean and free of waste.

However, to utilize your gutter guards to their full potential, proper is installation is needed.

Instead of climbing up and down your ladder for hours on end, a gutter system with guards can be of help to you and you’d have ample time to pursue other interests.

The perfect remodeling contractors installing the right gutter guards will ensure your roofing is intact and your gutters work as they should. Contact us now for a quote or keep reading to understand how to save time and money with gutters and drainpipes.

Importance of keeping your gutters and drain pipes free of debris and leaf guards

Whether you own a new gutter or an older gutter system, making sure your home’s gutter is free of twigs, leaves, and other debris is essential to avoid having a leaking roof and costly repairs. Since they’re built to divert rainwater collected from roofs down and away from homes they assist homeowners to avert many issues such as:

  • Foundation damage
  • Flooded cellar
  • Mold and water damage
  • Cracked structures and many more.

Due to these serious reasons and many more, you need to give your home an adequate type of leaf guard. At Gutter Masters of New England, we provide superior leaf guards to enable your gutters be clear and free of debris.

How Gutter Guards work?

There are different kinds of gutter guards and as such not everyone would work for your home. Below are the common types of Gutter Guard Commercial out there:

1.     Reverse Curve

Reverse curve gutter guards through small slits in the vertical face, direct water flow downward into gutter systems. Because of surface tension, leaves and debris are encouraged to fall or blowdown to the ground.

2.     Bottle Brush

There are various brands of bottle brush gutter guards. They are quite affordable hence homeowners who want the DIY solution prefer the brush style. When inserted inside the gutter, water flows inside the gutter drainpipe and it prevents debris and leaves from accumulating.


3.     Mesh Screens

Mesh screens were designed to solve the performed metal covers problem. Mesh gutter guards are mesh sheets used to cover gutters by being attached to the roof’s shingles. The small holes sift out debris thereby enabling water discharge right through. While they work well, many homeowners have reported that they aren’t durable and usually need replacement every other season.

4.     Foam

Foam gutter guards are also relatively affordable and easy to install. It is like a swimming pool noodle. It is a long tube made of a plastic material placed directly inside your gutter. The foam enables water to flow through the gutter but many users report its deteriorates easily and the water flow isn’t smooth.

5.     Vinyl Guards

Vinyl guards are fitted directly into your gutter without you attaching them to your roofing shingles. Through several recessed slots, water enters the guard. The recessed slots curb the amount of water entering the system, after being filled up with debris over time.

At Gutter Masters of New England, we deliver gutter and gutter parts to our New England clients. To discuss with our experienced staff and see our gutter covers in person, visit our New England location today!

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